DIY Paving Sealing Kits

An increasing number of homeowners are starting to do paving cleaning and sealing themselves. Its a simple and very cost effective option and there are certainly some savings to be made.

As an affiliated partner of the Smartseal group, we are able to supply you with all the tools and materials you need to carry out a DIY paving refurbishment project at your home. 

All we ask is that you measure the paved area you are looking to clean and seal and then go to the page showing the materials and equipment calculator. Just enter your measurements on this page and it will work out everything you need, plus give you a a total price.

Before you go ahead you may want some help or advice so please call 0800 988 0348 or complete an online enquiry form and one of our support staff will call you back.

DIY Paving Sealing Kits image
DIY Paving Sealing Kits image
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