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There is now a surge in demand for paving cleaning and sealing across the UK. This is because over the last thirty years, millions of square metres of various types of paving has been installed to peoples homes and to commercial premises. This has created a whole new industry as most of this paving now requires regular upkeep.

We can provide  help and advice to anyone who likes the idea of starting their own driveway cleaning and sealing business. This can be very rewarding financially from the day you start. Earnings of over a £1000 per week are not uncommon.

Driveway Cleaning Durham have partnered with Smartseal to help you get started. Smartseal's business packages are comprehensive and have everthing you need to build a successful business. Smartseal also provide great marketing support to help you on a daily basis.

Why not find out more? For more information on how Smartseal can help you, please call 01277 829743. You may want to view the packages on offer by clicking here.

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